Italie: Vers le modèle français?

Géopolitique, n. 102, July 2008

In the analysis of the 2008 Italian political election, the author draws attention on the evolution of the Italian electorate and its apparent division in three political areas, a partition characterized by the affirmation of the Right party in the North and South of Italy and the preservation for the Italian Left of the voters of the central region. In particular, in the paper are highlighted the success factors of Lega Nord, which mainly contributed to the victory in the northern regions, at the same time the author critically illustrates the Lega Nord’s potential claims and their consequences on the political system. In examining the regional division the paper shows the southern political volte-face caused by the dissatisfaction with the previous government decisions and the lacking of concrete results. Finally the paper concludes by warning on the current economical crisis providing a possible solution.

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