From the bipolar world to the challenged triumvirate: a new vision of global geopolitics

on American Diplomacy – 26 Jun 2013

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, the world has entered a new geopolitical stage, that we characterize as post-communist, dominated by the logic of liberal capitalism and globalization, headed by the United States, in the context of increased fragmentation, and multipolarity. But so far, the various attempts, such as Samuel Huntington’s (to mention only the best known) which have been offered to explain the new world order, remain unconvincing. Therefore, this article by Laurent Chalard, ECIA Fellow, proposes a new vision of global geopolitical order, based on facts rather than on ideological constructs. It aims to show that the world now is organized around a triumvirate, which originates in the bipolar world, and is based on a strong alliance, whose objectives are clearly identifiable, but challenged by other actors.


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