Rome 2015 Mediterranean Dialogues: Stability in Libya

10-12 December 2015 at Grand Hotel Parco dei Principi, Rome

Twenty years after the launch of the Barcelona Process, the Mediterranean region is far from being an area of stability, shared prosperity and economic integration. Over the years, the regional context has deteriorated, gaps have not been bridged while crises and multifaceted threats have been piling up. Against the background of such profound transformations, as well as increasing misperceptions on both shores of the Mediterranean, reshaping a comprehensive dialogue is a crucial need.

MED – Rome Mediterranean Dialogues” is thus intended to give a new momentum to relations and cooperation across the region. In particular, this independent and high-level initiative aims at stimulating new ideas on the transformations afoot in the extended Mediterranean region, in order to re-think traditional approaches and address shared challenges, both at regional and international level.

The event gathered 150 leaders, representing governments, parliaments, international organizations, businessmen and civil society of the Northern and Southern shores of the Mediterranean, as well as other relevant Countries. Andrea Teti, ECIA Senior Fellow, participated as speaker at the session: “The Challenge. Stability in Libya”.


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