Enzo Maria Le Fevre Cervini

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Areas of Expertise

  • Euro-Mediterranean cooperation
  • Conflict prevention
  • International humanitarian law


Enzo Maria Le Fevre Cervini, Fellow at the ECIA, is Research Associate at the George Mason University and CEO at Peace Development. In addition, he is the Coordinator of the Department of Strategic Studies, Research and Development at Unimed, and was lately appointed Special Advisor to the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Vice-Chair and ad-interim manager of the Foundation for the Prevention of Genocide and Mass Atrocities, after being in charge of the development of the European Programme for the Prevention of Genocide and Deadly Conflicts. Mr. Le Fevre Cervini has been Research Associate at the Center for International Conflict Resolution (CICR) at Columbia University, and consultant in international cooperation, conflict resolution and development since 2004. He worked as programme officer of different NGOs in South America, Africa and Europe, and as advisor for the Italian Ministry of European Policies, the Italian Ministry of Education, the Italian Embassy in Sudan and the Italian Center for European Information and Documentation.
ECIA Publications
Outreach Activities
V4 Task Force on Mass Atrocities Prevention
Institute for Foreign Affairs and Trade, 13-15. Bérc utca, Budapest 1016 – 13 Sep 2016
Migration, Environment and Climate Change: Perspecives for Human Mobility to 2050
Palacio de las Aguas, Ayacucho 751, Buenos Aires City – 5 Sep 2016
International Conference on Genocide and its Prevention
University Fsjes Souissi, Rabat – 9 May 2016
Responsibility to Protect and Mediation: Friends or Foes?
Brdo Congress Centre, Splendens Hall – 6 Mar 2014
Cooperation of the Visegrad Group in Preventing Mass Atrocities
Central European University, Popper Room – 3 Nov 2013
Improving the EU’s Capabilities to Prevent Mass Atrocities
German Institute for International and Security Affairs, Berlin – 12 Nov 2012
Hate Speech: Role of New Media in the Prevention of Mass Atrocities
Central European University, Budapest – 11 Nov 2012
Addressing Emerging Security Challanges
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Hungary – 28 Oct 2011
Second Budapest Human Rights Forum
Ministry for Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Hungary – 26 Jun 2009


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