Italie: fin ou retour du XXe siècle?

Commentaire, n. 122, Eté 2008

The paper provides an exhaustive analysis of the Italian elections held in April 2008, characterized by the success of Silvio Berlusconi and the contemporaneous disappearance on the Italian scene of the former political parties, whose ideological foundations were rooted in the XX century. Even though the result of the 2008 elections can be explained to a certain extent by the spread electorate’s dissatisfaction (that regularly decides to vote for the opposition party of the government), the author points out several factors that illustrates both the reasons of Berlusconi’s third success and the causes of Veltroni’s defeat. Besides, the paper highlights that the opportunities of the current Premier to overthrow the declining conditions of the country depend on the Minister Giulio Tremonti, whose statements on European Union’s state gave rise to complaints and enmities in the international community.

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