European Migration Network – Conference Report: The Global Competition for Talent

25 September 2013 at Albert Schweitzer Haus, Vienna

This report is a summary of the conference “Austria and the global competition for talent – approaches to the immigration of (highly) qualified third – country nationals, which was organised by the International Organization for Migration in Vienna as the Austrian National Contact Point (NCP) in the European Migration Network (EMN) on 12 June 2013 in the Albert Schweitzer Haus in Vienna . The audience of the conference was composed of representatives from ministries, embassies, social partners , international organisations , as well as non – governmental organisations and researchers.
Alfonso Giordano, ECIA Managing Director, as first speaker of Session 1 “Perspectives on the Immigration of (Highly) Qualified Third-Country Nationals to Austria”, addressed the perspective of the countries of origin of skilled migrants, placing his focus on India. Due to the size of the country and a progressively increasing level of qualification among the population, India is an important sending country of skilled people.

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