The Politics of EU Democracy Promotion: After the Uprisings

24-25 October 2013 at University of Rennes 2

The University of Rennes 2 and the Centre of Excellence Jean Monnet of Rennes organised an international congress on “Intégration(s) en Méditerranée”. Since 2011, a process of political transformation is on the way in a large number of Arab countries partners of the European Union (Euro-Mediterranean Partnership – EMP). The revolutions in progress affect both those societies and the Euro-Mediterranean region as a whole, including the European Union. The revolutions in the South, but also the deep changes experienced by the European Union since 20 years, require to discuss this geopolitical entity in terms of its integration, its limits, its failures, its diversity and its paradoxes. This conference aimed to address the complex relationship between integration and fragmentation. Andrea Teti, ECIA Senior Fellow, opened the Conference on the 25th of October as keynote speaker on “The Politics of EU Democracy Promotion: After the Uprisings”.


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